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Deco Reproduction by mystech Deco Reproduction by mystech
This is a reproduction of a painting that I saw for sale on, a cheesy little site that sells prints and reproductions of various paintings. I changed the typography some, as the origional seemd to be a travle poster for some German company. I made it for an illustrator class I'm in at the moment - the point of the assignment being to show that we've got an advanced grasp of some of the tools, not to create an entirely orional peice of work, so don't think I'm a cheat.

All I had to work with was a cheesy little 155x231 pixel image - a pretty lousy little thumbnail. All considred I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

considering the aparent age of the peice, and lack of any copyright claim on I'm positive that this one is entirely in the clear with reguards to copyright. Besides, I'm not trying to make money with it or anything - I just haven't uploaded anything in a while and I think this turned out kinda' pretty.
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KingWillhamII Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015
Great stuff!
Wiserminds Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Dear Mystech,

I admire the piece you produced and may wish to commission an A4 sized Art Deco style piece. It would be a travel representation of a plane and a map with lines from London to the destinations travelled to (currently Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Salt Lake City and Tel Aviv)

Some brief script as well - but not sure which. I'll know later in the year. If interested I'd be keen to do it through people per hour.

If this appeals to you please let me know.
andreranulfo Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome; I love art deco and I'm from Rio.
UnionJack78 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Hey there. I love this Art Deco inspired work! The colours, the shapes, the font are all phenomenal. Just curious, what is the exact name of the font you used? I have a couple dozen fonts on my pc, but none that match that one exactly.
asim7183 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
this is good stuff.. i like your style..
kikitue Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010  Student General Artist
what font did you use for this?
rodolforever Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
beautiful artwork
durkad Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Art deco absolutely rocks. It would be neat to see a resurgence of it. Good job!
slim-cognetto Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010
Conservatoons Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010
nice job. big deco fan here.
very wpa.
reniviD Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006
great, i am a big fan of these kind of posters !
jshinse Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
wow I just love that style!! very nicely done good work!!
kimmas Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
lemontea Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
It's cool, but all of the pixelated, jaggy areas take away from that.
mystech Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
There we go - the image has been updated. I didn't take it into Photoshop or anything, but managed to get rid of the bulk of the jagies - especialy on the trees. I'm working with the whole thing as a cliping mask, now and am a bit too lazy to go in and figure out how to make it completely smoothed out, so I'll just cop out and say that when it's scaled to fit 8 1/2 x 11 or larger the gausian blur will smooth it's own stupid self out, heh.
mystech Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
Hmm true - I guess I hadn't noticed that so much myself. A drawback of illustrator's lousy blur filter. I'll see what I can't do about fixing that.

I hadn't intended to take it into any other program to clean it up - as again it was a peice for a school assigment - but that doesn't mean I shouldn't clean it up a bit now that no one gives a shit XD
Urus-28 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent work, these old paintings still have a very modern look, in parcticular with vector technic :thumbsup:
mystech Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
My favorite part is the simple gradients on the boat - it makes it look like an Ayn Rand book cover. . . if she were the sort to write books about exotic tropical destinations.
pasih Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
I like this... good work
xMisteRxJameSx Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
This is really awesome. I LOVE the reflections in the water. :heart:

Keep up the good work!!
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